Survey Work to Confirm Foundation Elevations

Beginning in mid-October Fort Bend County Levee Improvement District NO. 2 (FBCLID2) will begin survey work in Settler’s Park, Chimney Stone, Meadow Lakes and The Lakes neighborhoods. Survey work is being performed to confirm foundation elevations of homes in these areas to ensure that future flood control projects meet all local design standards. Survey crews will be in marked vehicle from LJA Engineering. Surveyors do not require access inside your home, access is requested to the front of your property. Questions or concerns may be directed to FBCLID2 General Manager at:

Phone: (713) 574-5261

Government Technology’s AT&T Special District’s Award Program Recipient

Government Technology is a digital magazine covering information technology’s role in state and local government. The digital magazine is recognized for its in-depth coverage of IT case studies, emerging technologies and the implications of digital technology on the policies and management of public sector organizations; Government Technology chronicles the dynamics of governing in the information age.

Recently, Government Technology and AT&T launched a nationwide platform for special districts that includes a regional and national awards program with three (3) categories to recognize IT innovation and leadership. An evaluation committee reviews the nominations received in the categories of Technology Innovation: Citizens, Leadership and Operations. The evaluation committee selects awards recipients for each category in five (5) regions of the country. Awards are presented at Special District Summits held in each region at various times during the year.

Fort Bend County Levee Improvement District No. 2 (FBCLID2) submitted a nomination for the Southwest region in the category of Technology Innovation: Operations. This category recognizes special districts that have utilized technology to improve internal operations, such as efficiency and productivity improvements, cost reduction, enhanced security, improved processes and advanced sustainability, etc.
At the Southwest region Special District Summit, FBCLID2 was honored as the award recipient in the category of Technology Innovation: Operations. Below, pictured is Phil Martin, FBCLID2’s Assistant General Manager receiving the award from the Government Technology and AT&T representatives. To read the District’s award-winning submittal click on the following link:

Emergency Levee Irrigation Pilot Project

Fort Bend County Levee Improvement District No. 2 (FBCLID2) will resume testing on the Emergency Levee Irrigation Pilot Project beginning the week of Monday, August 27. The Levee Operator will irrigate 2.5 miles of the Oyster Creek Levee between Lexington Blvd. and US-59/I-69. Levees are an essential component of the FBCLID 2 flood protection system and are maintained to the highest local and federal
standards. During periods of heavy drought, large cracks can form in the levees which are made of clay soils. Despite the catastrophic floods of recent memory, only a few years ago the entire State of Texas experienced a major drought that created this desiccation cracking in the FBCLID 2 levee embankment.

The Emergency Levee Irrigation Pilot Project will field test portable irrigation equipment that can be deployed during the next drought. FBCLID 2 recently purchased the irrigation reel picture below which is fed by a portable pump that draws water from Oyster Creek. If the pilot project meets design expectations, FBCLID 2 will evaluate expanding the system so all levees can be watered in just 3 days.

The Emergency Levee Irrigation Pilot Project is not intended to provide routine watering cycles throughout the year that are typically used in lawns or parks. The irrigation system would be specifically reserved for times of extreme drought to prevent any major cracking or damage to the levee. For questions or comments about the project email the FBCLID2 General Manger at

Emergency Levee Irrigation Pilot Project – Map (PDF)