Emergency Operations


Rain and Stream Gauges

City of Sugar Land ISWMM

The City of Sugar Land has developed the Integrated Storm Water Management Model (ISWMM) to assist in forecasting ponding in the City. ISWMM utilizes 28 rain/stream gages across the City to collect real-time rainfall data and stream data to predict street ponding depths across the City.

Live Cameras

Photos updated hourly.

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Ditch A – Inside Levee Ditch A – Outside Levee
Ditch F – Inside Levee Ditch F – Outside Levee
Ditch A at Ditch D Ditch A at Ditch C
Ditch C at Ditch C-1 Oyster Creek at Dam 3
Steep Bank Creek (outside levee) Steep Bank Creek (inside levee)
Ditch E at Austin Parkway Ditch C at Austin Parkway
Ditch C-1 at Williams Trace Blvd Commonwealth Blvd at Austin Parkway

Ditch A – McDonald Pump Station Intake