Third Pump Station Construction

2602 Oakland Drive, Sugar Land, TX

Third Pump Station – Construction Cameras

Third Pump Station – Time Lapse Video

Third Pump Station Construction Update
Completion Delayed: Summer 2021 – April 7, 2021

Due to testing delays with the pump manufacturer, the Third Pump Station is now scheduled to be in operation by Summer 2021.  FBCLID 2 has been planning for over 3 years to complete the Third Pump Station by Spring 2021, but that date was finally delayed after the latest schedule update from the pump manufacturer.  The District purchased the seven stormwater pumps directly to expedite manufacturing and construction, and the pump order was approved two years ago in 2019.  All seven pumps are manufactured and currently stored at the testing facility, but the facility has experienced multiple delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic and other related issues.  Under a separate contract, construction of the pump station building that will house the pumps remains on schedule.  The building contractor is ready to receive the pumps as soon as testing is complete this Spring.  However, installation, wiring, and commissioning will not be complete until Summer 2021.

When complete, the Third Pump Station will operate seven large storm water pumps that are powered by 1,500-horsepower motors. When combined all seven pumps can move approximately 1,000,000 gallons of water per minute which represents a 400% increase in pumping capacity. Please contact FBCLID 2 directly with any questions or concerns:

Construction Renderings

Third Pump Station - View From Oakland Drive

Third Pump Station – View From Oakland Drive

Third Pump Station Building

Third Pump Station Building

Third Pump Station Impact

The graphic below demonstrates how the Third Pump Station will improve FBCLID 2 drainage. The chart shows water levels inside the FBCLID 2 levee during Hurricane Harvey and more recently during the May 7, 2019 flood. The chart also displays the impact on water levels inside the levee if the Third Pump Station was operational during each event.

Project Map