Notice: Weekend Work on Sunday, January 30

Ditch A Widening – Phase II

The Ditch A Widening – Phase II contractor has been authorized by FBCLID 2 to perform weekend work on Sunday, January 30.  Construction activity is scheduled to start as early as 8:00 a.m.  The contractor, Texas Dewatering, LLC, started the project in late 2021, but recent wet weather has delayed their progress.  With forecasted rain early next week, weekend work will allow the project to stay on schedule.  Ditch A Widening is expected to be complete before Summer 2022 and the beginning of Hurricane Season.

The contractor has finished all tree and brush removal on Ditch A and has started excavating additional flood storage behind the Austin Park neighborhood (pictured below).  Excavation will continue in this area for the next few weeks and crews will work downstream, towards Colony Park and Sweetwater Blvd.  The material removed from Ditch A is currently being used to raise the First Colony Levee Improvement District No. 2 levee on Commonwealth Blvd. When combined with Phase I excavation, the flood storage capacity of Ditch A will be increased by 124 acre-feet or more than 40,000,000 gallons.  FBCLID 2 appreciates your patience as the District works to complete this critical flood control project.

Fort Bend LID 2 can be contacted directly with any questions or concerns:

Ditch A Widening – Phase II

Ditch A Widening – Phase II

Third Pump Station Construction Update – October 19, 2021

All seven pumps are now operational at the new FBCLID 2 pump station located behind Clements High School.  The Third Pump Station houses seven large storm water pumps that are powered by 1,500-horsepower motors.  The new pump station is now able to move more than 1,000,000 gallons of water per minute, which represents a 400% increase in pumping capacity for Ditch A.  If a power outage occurs, the electric pumps can still be powered by natural gas generators located onsite.

FBCLID 2 will bid a smaller project during Fall 2021 to put the finishing touches on the Third Pump Station after the main constriction contract is complete.  The final site improvements include decorative fencing, landscaping, additional parking, and an operator office.  The District plans to host a public event for the community early next year, when all construction is complete.

FBCLID 2 appreciates your patience as the District works to complete this critical flood control project.  Please contact FBCLID 2 directly with any questions or concerns: