Emergency Operations Update – January 25, 2024

LID 2 received more than 4 inches of rain this week, but the forecast dries out beginning Thursday, January 25. Over the weekend, the Brazos River is forecasted to crest at 42.3 feet. Based on the National Weather Service forecast the LID 2 flood gates will close, but restricted gravity drainage through the flood gates is still possible. Fortunately, there is a low possibility of rain over the weekend while the Brazos River is elevated.

However, LID 2 is prepared if the situation changes. The ditches are currently being pumped to the lowest possible level to maximize the amount of storage in the drainage system. The pump stations have been tested and operators are on stand-by over the weekend if needed. LID 2 residents are encouraged to bookmark the Emergency Operations website to receive the latest information: https://www.fbclid2.com/emergency/

During any heavy rain event there may be street ponding or flooding if the storm drains are overwhelmed and back up.  As rainfall decreases, the storm sewers will catch up, and any water in the streets will recede.  Never drive into high water.

2023 Tax Update

2023 tax statements for FBCLID 2 have been mailed and also available online through the Fort Bend County Tax Collector website. In 2023, FBCLID 2 changed the tax collection process. Previously residents paid the FBCLID 2 private tax collector, but now the Fort Bend County Tax Collector includes the FBCLID 2 tax bill on a consolidated tax statement along with the City, County, and FBISD. Residents should not expect a separate FBCLID2 tax statement this year.

Fort Bend County Tax Collector
1317 Eugene Heimann Circle
Richmond, TX 77469
Phone: (281) 341-3710
Email: FBCTaxInfo@fortbendcountytx.gov

On September 20, 2023, FBCLID2 Board of Directors unanimously voted to reduce the 2023 tax rate to $0.125 (per $100 of assessed value). This is a $0.015, or 10.7%, reduction compared to the 2022 tax rate, and it will lower the tax bill on the average home by $13.

Sample Tax Statement (PDF)