Construction Update on Ditch A Widening – Phase II

Due to concrete manufacturing and supply issues, final completion of Ditch A Widening Phase II will be delayed until the end of July. The Fort Bend County Levee Improvement District No. 2 (FBCLID 2) contractor has completed all excavation in Ditch A to increase FBCLID 2 flood storage. However, there are on-going supply issues with the concrete block that is used to armor to storm sewer outfalls and provide erosion control in the drainage channel. The contractor has completed the vast majority of the project and turf restoration has started in most areas. The final deliveries of concrete block are scheduled to arrive the week of July 18 to complete two final areas in Ditch A. FBCLID 2 appreciates your patience as the District works to complete this critical flood control project. FBCLID2 can be contacted directly with any questions or concerns:

Ditch A Widening

Ditch A Widening

Texas Flood Awareness Week – May 23-27, 2022

As members of the Texas Floodplain Management Association (TFMA), FBCLID 2 would like to remind all residents that May 23-27 is Texas Flood Awareness Week.  With Hurricane Season just around the corner, FBCLID 2 encourages all residents to bookmark the Emergency Operations website:

A variety of information is automatically updated to increase flood awareness during emergencies and help inform decision-making for residents.  The FBCLID 2 Emergency Operations website now includes a link to the City of Sugar Land’s award-winning Integrated Storm Water Management Model (ISWMM). The City of Sugar Land developed ISWMM to assist in forecasting ponding in the City.  ISWMM utilizes 28 rain/stream gages across the City to collect real-time rainfall data and stream data to predict street ponding depths.

FBCLID 2 Emergency Operations website:

  • Levee operations graphic
    • 24-hour rainfall total
    • Water levels inside and outside the levee
    • Brazos River Forecast (if flood stages are predicted)
    • Pump Station operations
  • Rainfall & stream gauges
  • City of Sugar Land ISWMM
  • Camera views with hourly updates
  • Links to City of Sugar Land and Fort Bend County Emergency Management

FBCLID 2 residents are also encouraged to sign up for email and text alerts and receive the latest information directly from the District: