Early Morning Construction Activity: Tuesday, September 15

FBCLID 2 Third Pump Station
2602 Oakland Drive
Sugar Land, TX 77479

Please be aware that construction activity on the FBCLID 2 Third Pump Station will require early morning work hours.  The contractor is scheduled to place concrete for the outfall channel foundation and a portion of the pump station walls.  Concrete trucks are scheduled to start arriving at 5:00 a.m. and are expected to run continuously until 1:00 p.m.

The contractor will stage concrete trucks on Elkins Road, in front of Clements High School, to limit parking on Oakland Drive inside the neighborhood.  Please remain aware of construction activity during this time. If possible, limiting street parking on Oakland Drive will provide more room for all drivers.

The pump station foundation was poured in early August, and now construction has started on the walls that will support the new pumps.  At the same time, the contractor has also started working on the foundation of the outfall channel where the pumps will release the water.  FBCLID 2 appreciates your patience, particularly the residents of Austin Meadows, as the District works to complete this critical flood control project.  The pump station is scheduled to be in operation by Spring 2021.

Additional construction details are available at: www.fbclid2.com/third-pump-station-construction/.

Please contact FBCLID 2 directly with any questions or concerns: www.fbclid2.com/contact.

Emergency Operations Update – May 11, 2019 at 7:00 PM

  • FBCLID 2 received 1 inch of additional rainfall today.
  • Water levels in the FBCLID 2 drainage ditches increased slightly but remain more than 10 feet below the peak level from Tuesday, May 7.
  • The Pump Stations continue to operate normally, and personnel will remain at the pump stations 24/7 throughout the event.

Emergency Operations Update – May 10, 2019 at 7:00 AM

  • Overnight FBCLID 2 received 1.5 to 2 inches of rainfall.
  • Additional rainfall is anticipated for FBCLID 2 on Friday and Saturday, May 10-11.  FBCLID 2 personnel will remain at the pump stations 24/7 throughout the event.
  • Drainage South of US-59/IH69 (Ditches A & C):
    • Water levels in the ditches increased about 3 feet overnight to an elevation of approximately 60 feet.
    • The Bill Little Pump Station that drains this area has run continuously and is operating normally.
    • Five auxiliary pumps have also been installed and are pumping water out of the levee.
    • As the rainfall rates slowed this morning, the pump station has already decreased the water level by a few inches. 
  • Drainage North of US-59/IH-69 (Ditch F): 
    • Water levels in Ditch F increased by about 1.5 feet overnight to an elevation of approximately 66 feet.
    • The Mike Thelen Pump Station that drains this area is operating normally and the water level has already decreased a few inches.
  • Brazos River
    • The Brazos River is forecasted to crest today Friday, May 10 but will stay at elevated levels through the weekend. 
    • Flood waters caused by the Brazos River will remain about 2 feet below the bottom of the FBCLID2 levee. 
    • The flood gates in the levee are closed, so no water from the Brazos River can enter FBCLID 2. 
    • However, all rainfall through the weekend must be pumped out of the levee.
  • Residents are encouraged to sign up for email and text alerts through the district’s website to stay up-to-date on the latest district news.
  • For more information, a map of the FBCLID 2 Ditch and Levee system is attached for reference. An interactive map is also available on the website: fbclid2.com/map
  • Flood Gages that monitor the ditch water levels are available on the website: fbclid2.com/gauges

For additional information about FBCLID 2:

Website – www.fbclid2.com

Email – gm1@fbclid2.com

For additional information about Emergency Management:

City of Sugar Land Resources





Fort Bend County Homeland Security & Emergency Management