Emergency Operations

Emergency Operations Update – Tropical Storm Nicholas

Monday, September 12, 2021

Fort Bend County Levee Improvement District No. 2 (FBCLID 2) is actively monitoring Tropical Storm Nicholas in the Gulf of Mexico.  The latest forecast and information from the National Weather Service is included below.  The probable path of Tropical Storm Nicholas includes FBCLID 2 with a 50-60% probability of Tropical Storm Force winds (39+ MPH).  The District is currently forecasted to receive 5-10 inches of rain.

Fortunately, the Brazos River and Ditch H are at low levels that do not impact drainage inside the FBCLID 2 levee. The FBCLID 2 pump stations have been tested and operators are available to run the pumps, if needed.  Four new pumps at the Third Pump Station are also operational, and each new pump can remove 190,000 gallons of water per minute (GPM).  When combined with the existing Bill Little Pump Station, this represents more than 1,000,000 GPM of available pump capacity.  In addition, Phase I of the Ditch A Widening Project recently added more than 50 acre-feet of flood storage inside the FBCLID 2 levees.

Rain and Stream Gauges

Live Cameras

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Ditch A – Inside Levee Ditch A – Outside Levee
Ditch F – Inside Levee Ditch F – Outside Levee
Ditch A at Ditch D Ditch A at Ditch C
Ditch C at Ditch C-1 Oyster Creek at Dam 3
Steep Bank Creek (outside levee) Steep Bank Creek (inside levee)
Ditch E at Austin Parkway Ditch C at Austin Parkway
Ditch C-1 at Williams Trace Blvd Commonwealth Blvd at Austin Parkway