Major Updates and Achievements from Our 2024 Spring Newsletter

In our latest Spring Newsletter, we are proud to share significant updates and milestones that reflect our ongoing commitment to enhancing flood protection for all our residents in Sugar Land, Texas.

FBCLID2 has been honored with the prestigious 2024 John Ivey Higher Standards Award from the Texas Floodplain Management Association (TFMA). This award is a recognition of our exceptional efforts to elevate floodplain management standards after the devastating impacts of Hurricane Harvey in 2017. Following that unprecedented storm, we launched a comprehensive initiative to modernize our 40-year-old drainage system with an investment of over $85 million from our taxpayers. These improvements have significantly boosted our flood protection capabilities.

A key highlight from our improvements is the André D. McDonald Stormwater Pump Station, one of the largest inland facilities of its kind in the United States. Capable of moving over 1.3 million gallons of water per minute, this facility has dramatically enhanced our flood response efficiency. Another critical development is the Ditch A Widening Project, which has greatly increased our stormwater detention capacity—essential during heavy rainfall periods.

Despite the necessity to increase our tax rate for the first time since 1983 to fund these enhancements, the support from our community has been overwhelmingly positive. An impressive 77% of our voters supported the 2019 Bond Authorization, showing strong backing for these necessary upgrades.

As we prepare for the upcoming hurricane season, it’s vital that we all stay informed and engaged with the latest developments in flood management and emergency preparedness. We encourage residents to visit our Emergency Operations page for live updates and essential information.

Please visit our Spring newsletter and newsletter archive at FBCLID2 Resource Center.

Let’s continue to prepare and stay informed together.