Emergency Operations Update – May 8, 2019 at 9:30 PM

The following is a status update for Fort Bend County Levee Improvement District No. 2 (FBCLID2) Emergency Operations:

  • More than 2’ of flood water has been pumped out of the District from a peak level of 65.8 to a current level of 63.6
  • Auxiliary pumps are in place and pumping
  • Pump Station A is pumping at capacity; all pumps are operating normally
  • Major thoroughfares should be passible by midnight tonight; ancillary streets should be passible by morning commute unless significant rainfall occurs
  • Clearing of passible streets could occur earlier due to pumping outputs exceeding projections
  • District website is handling a 9,000% increase in customer contacts since the event began
  • Next wave of significant rainfall in the area anticipated for Thursday evening, May 9th

The District will continue to post updated information, as available, on the website through the duration of this event.

For additional information about FBCLID 2:

Website – www.fbclid2.com

Email – gm1@fbclid2.com

For additional information about Emergency Management:

City of Sugar Land Resources






Fort Bend County Homeland Security & Emergency Management