Third Pump Station Construction – Update July 22, 2021

Third Pump Station Construction

The first pump was delivered to the project this week and is installed inside the new pump station.  The District approved a change order with the construction contractor to expedite the installation of the first pump and motor.  Based on the current schedule, the first pump will be operational at the beginning of September.  As soon as it is operational, this single pump will almost double the current pump capacity in Ditch A.  Three additional pumps will be delivered to the project in early August, but delivery of the final three pumps will not be complete until the end of September.  After the final pumps arrives, it will still take 6-7 weeks to complete installation in November.

FBCLID 2 appreciates your patience as the District works to complete this critical flood control project.  Additional details are available at: Please contact FBCLID 2 directly with any questions or concerns: