Construction Update – Third Pump Station Weekend Construction Activity – Sunday, February 28, 2021

FBCLID 2 Third Pump Station
2602 Oakland Drive
Sugar Land, TX 77479

Construction activity is currently scheduled on Sunday, February 28, but work will not begin before 8:00 a.m.  The contractor that is providing backup power for the new pump station will mobilize over the weekend to install generator bases and controls for the electrical equipment.  The contractor has been notified that parking and staging of deliveries is not allowed on Oakland Drive or adjacent streets.

The Third Pump Station is still scheduled to be in operation by Spring 2021 and before the start of Hurricane Season.  The foundation and pump intake structures are complete, and the walls of the pump station building are currently being constructed.  The facility is now ready for the new storm water pumps to be installed.  All seven pump are manufactured and awaiting final testing.  Unfortunately, delivery of the pumps has been delayed several weeks due to COVID-related issues at the testing facility.  Pump delivery is scheduled to begin in late March and be complete by mid-April.

FBCLID 2 appreciates your patience, particularly the residents of Austin Meadows, as the District works to complete this critical flood control project.

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