Texas Flood Awareness Week – May 23-27, 2022

As members of the Texas Floodplain Management Association (TFMA), FBCLID 2 would like to remind all residents that May 23-27 is Texas Flood Awareness Week.  With Hurricane Season just around the corner, FBCLID 2 encourages all residents to bookmark the Emergency Operations website: https://www.fbclid2.com/emergency.

A variety of information is automatically updated to increase flood awareness during emergencies and help inform decision-making for residents.  The FBCLID 2 Emergency Operations website now includes a link to the City of Sugar Land’s award-winning Integrated Storm Water Management Model (ISWMM). The City of Sugar Land developed ISWMM to assist in forecasting ponding in the City.  ISWMM utilizes 28 rain/stream gages across the City to collect real-time rainfall data and stream data to predict street ponding depths.

FBCLID 2 Emergency Operations website:

  • Levee operations graphic
    • 24-hour rainfall total
    • Water levels inside and outside the levee
    • Brazos River Forecast (if flood stages are predicted)
    • Pump Station operations
  • Rainfall & stream gauges
  • City of Sugar Land ISWMM
  • Camera views with hourly updates
  • Links to City of Sugar Land and Fort Bend County Emergency Management

FBCLID 2 residents are also encouraged to sign up for email and text alerts and receive the latest information directly from the District: www.fbclid2.com/alerts