Live Photo Updates – Emergency Operations

The FBCLID 2 Emergency page was just updated to include additional live cameras. Updated images are posted hourly at:

New camera views include:

  • Interior Drainage Channels (Ditch A and C)
  • Steep Bank Creek outfall at East Levee
  • Oyster Creek at Dam 3

Existing FBCLID 2 Emergency features include:

  • Emergency Operations graphic
  • Brazos River & Ditch H water level outside the levee
  • Ditch A water level inside the levee
  • Bill Little Pump Station operations
  • FBCLID 2 critical elevations for levees, homes, and streets
  • Graphic displays “live” values and automatically updates
  • Rain and Stream Gauges
  • Rainfall totals
  • Drainage Channel water levels
  • Hourly photo updates of staff gauges inside and outside levee

Coming Soon!

  • Hourly photo updates of Williams Trace Blvd. at Ditch C-1 and Austin Parkway at 3 locations.